Real-time Emergency Services

We provide E911 services for traditional and VoIP providers. Zip911 is an approved Tier 1 provider with complete PSAP coverage. Now any provider worldwide can instantly provision E911 for DID numbers in the USA.

  • White-label customer login
  • Organize and manage subaccounts
  • Custom API key for each subaccount
  • User-friendly, multi-level API

Build a tree, save a life.

Designate response leaders who have the ability to listen in on real-time 911 emergency calls and send specific instructions to thousands of devices simultaneously!

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Listen in on 911 calls

Notifications are sent to response leaders who gather information during the call.

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Activate an alert tree

A response leader can customize and activate a pre-defined alert tree which sends alerts to specific groups.

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SMS, voice, and email alerts

Recipients are given valuable real-time emergency instructions which may just save a life.

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